The Bay Area has been a global center of innovation for decades. From the microchip to the next generation solar cells and electric vehicles, the Bay Area is again leading the way to essential innovations, creating vast new economic opportunity, improving our quality of life and safeguarding our resources from the risks of climate change.

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Climate disruption is a major challenge to the region and the globe. It jeopardizes our Bay Area drinking water, coastlines, health and more. Advancing solutions not only reduces these risks but benefits our economy, national security and quality of life.


Energy from sources which never run out brings huge economic opportunity. Already innovative Bay Area companies and governments such as our partners are seizing these opportunities, making the Bay Area the statewide leader in “green jobs”.


In 2009 the mayors of San Francisco, San Jose and Oakland signed the visionary Bay Area Climate Compact to break down regional barriers and accelerate the clean energy market.  Learn More