The Bay Area Climate Collaborative is helping the region fulfill its vision of a more prosperous, healthy and vibrant community based on clean energy and action on climate. The Bay Area Climate Collaborative advances this vision through fostering strategic alignment, market acceleration initiatives, and best-practices education.

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Strategic Alignment

Aligning action in the Bay Area ensures that strategic gaps are identified and key actions are advanced. Through the BACC Steering Committee and convening sector forums such as the Bay Area EV Strategic Council the vital regional work is identified and executed.

Market Acceleration

Many solutions such as electric vehicles and next-generation LED lighting offer clear benefits and ready for implementation but face non-technical barriers such as the need for aggregation, financing, and deployment support. BACC provides outreach and technical support to speed deployment in programs such as the EV Fleet National Demonstration Project and the Next Generation Streetlight Initiative program.


New effective practices are being constantly innovated by leaders in the region. BACC disseminates key best-practices for use by leaders such as how local governments can reduce costs and improve budgets.