Ready, Set, Charge EV Guidelines

Ready, Set, Charge, California! A Guide to EV-Ready Communities provides public agencies throughout California with guidance on how to advance community electric vehicle (EV) readiness.  This guide provides standardized policies, ordinances and best-practices, providing a consistent framework for deployment of EVs and EV infrastructure including information on signage, ADA compliance, permitting and other key matters.  The guidance will support local governments enabling acceleration of electric vehicle adoption to deliver cost savings to drivers, healthier communities, and safeguarded natural resources.

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These guidelines support EV-Ready communities by providing guidance on key challenges and questions facing local governments.  Contents include:

  • Overview of the EV Ecosystem
  • EV-Ready Communities Policies, Actions, and Incentives
  • Model Development Regulations and Guidance
  • Charging Station Installation Strategies
  • And more!

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