The Bay Area Electric Vehicle (EV) Strategic Council is the Bay Area's executive forum advancing the vision of the San Francisco Bay Area as the “EV Capital of the United States”. The Council provides strategic alignment and drives high-impact initiatives across public agencies, industry, and community organizations to accelerate mass EV adoption.



The Council strategically aligns policies, programs, and resources to:

  • Achieve and sustain #1 market leadership status in EV penetration per capita
  • Ensure top priority for delivery of EVs into the regional market
  • Educate and spur EV demand through a strong “Go EV” campaign
  • Streamline EV charger installations
  • Provide adequate chargers to relieve range anxiety
  • Meet the needs of “garage-less” drivers
  • Develop financing approaches to address vehicle and charger purchase obstacles


EV Communities Alliance

Bay Area Climate Collaborative


Richard Lowenthal, Founder & CTO, ChargePoint

Tom Bates, Mayor, City of Berkeley

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Rafael Reyes

Executive Director

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