If just 10% of Bay Area Vehicles become plug-in electric Bay Area residents will save over $1 billion in fuel costs.  These funds in turn can be invested locally to rebuild the economy and create jobs.  Electric vehicles will enable dramatic benefits for the economy, public health, national security and safeguard our resources from climate disruption.  The Bay Area Climate Collaborative is advancing critical initiatives to realize these benefits.

EV Strategic Council

The Bay Area EV Strategic Council is the executive forum for EV direction-setting in the Bay Area. BACC and partner EV Communities Alliance are co-facilitators of the EV Strategic Council.

Ready, Set, Charge Guidelines

Local governments are readying themselves for electric vehicles.  But this process requires a range of policies in practices charging siting and permitting to signage.  In partnership with ABAG and other partners, the BACC is developing key guidelines for the region and state.  Learn more.

EV Fleets

Electric vehicles offer special promise in fleet applications where established routes and pooled infrastructure make them readily deployable. The EV Fleet National Demonstration Project will demonstrate the benefits and catalyze adoption of EVs. And the BACC EV Fleet Working Group provides a forum for best-practices development and sharing.