Bridge to the Clean Economy

Launched by the Mayors Reed, Lee and Quan and drawing on the insights of over 150 top clean energy leaders, the Bridge to the Clean Economy identifies market-oriented initiatives for near-term economic and emissions impact across the four domains of distributed renewables, commercial efficiency, residential upgrades and electric vehicles. The Bridge to the Clean Economy provides the market context, key players and plans for rapid emissions reductions and 20,000 job-years through immediately actionable regional initiatives.  Join us in building the bridge to the clean energy economy.


  • Advance market-oriented initiatives for emissions and economic impact in 2-5 years
  • Engage clean energy and climate leaders to shape and drive initiatives
  • Catalyze and showcase partnerships


Complete Bridge to the Clean Economy action plan.

Bridge to the Clean Economy Executive Summary.

Photos of the May 25th rollout with San Jose Mayor Chuck Reed and Oakland Mayor Jean Quan.