The Bay Area, a ‘clean economy’ powerhouse

In a first-of-its-kind report, the Brookings Institution has released “Sizing the Clean Economy: A National and Regional Green Jobs Assessment”, measuring growth in the clean economy in all 50 states and the nation’s largest 100 metropolitan areas. The San Jose Mercury News explains how the Brookings Institution defines “clean jobs”:

The Brookings Institution adopted a definition of clean jobs that includes five main categories: renewable energy, energy and resource efficiency, greenhouse gas reduction, environmental management and recycling, agriculture and natural resource conservation, and regulation and compliance.

The report indicates that California has the highest number of clean jobs with 318,156 – making  up 2.1 percent of all jobs in the state – and the Bay Area continues to lead the nation in clean tech jobs. San Jose has more than doubled its number of cleantech jobs since 2003, up from 2,705 to 6,192 in 2010. The San Jose and San Francisco metro areas together have generated nearly 8,000 new clean jobs in the past seven years. Bay Area companies such as Bloom Energy, Silver Spring Networks, and Sungevity continue to add new cleantech jobs in spite of the recession.

"The combined Bay Area is an incredible clean economy and cleantech pole," said Mark Muro, a senior fellow and policy director at Brookings' Metropolitan Policy Program. "Cleantech is a newer and faster-growing subset of the overall clean economy.